Paul Ryan Says he would Fuck the Shit out of Ivanka Trump


Paul Ryan told President Trump and Vice President Pence he’d fuck the shit out of Ivanka Trump, at a dinner at BLT Steak in Washington D.C.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, Vice President Mike Pence, and President Trump had a Republican dudes night out in Washington D.C.

At the table after the group finished their meal, President Trump told the two lets play a game of fuck, marry, kill. Trump being the President, got to choose who would go 1st and he chose Ryan.

The President asked Paul Ryan “who would you fuck, marry, and kill, with the last name Trump.” Paul Ryan immediately refused to participate in the game, but The President told Ryan to stop being a bitch, and Pence started laughing.

Ryan doesn’t like being called a bitch or any word that makes him seem weak, and being laughed at. Agitated Ryan, chugged the last of his red wine, slapped his hand on the table, and lean in to answer The President’s question.

“Ok fine, I would fuck the shit out of Ivanka, I would marry Tiffany, and I would kill Eric.”

After a brief pause at the table President Trump started laughing hysterically, and once Pence saw that it was ok, he started to laugh as well. Ryan asked, “What’s so funny?”

President Trump as he was trying to control his laughter, “Your face when you said, I would fuck the shit out of Ivanka, it sounded so rapey, take it easy Paul, that my daughter you’re talking about, and she’s married.

Also, everyone wants to kill Eric, even me, he looks like an 8th grade pedophile science teacher when you put him in a button down and khakis. And his voice? What the hell, right guys? Can you imagine if he was the actor playing Christian Grey in 50 shades of Grey, it would be considered a horror movie. I have no idea how that’s my son.”

The whole table erupted in laughter. Ryan asked who’s next? President Trump said, “let’s end on a high note and end the game here.”