Steve Bannon Slaps President Trump

Steve Bannon gave the President a very strong backhanded slap also known as a bitch slap, yesterday at a cabinet meeting.

More and more it’s starting to look like we should be saying, President Bannon, and nothing made it more clear than what happened in the oval office yesterday. After meeting with Elon Musk several times, President Trump has grown fond of solar technology, and said to his cabinet, that he really thinks America should go all in on solar.

“It’s clean, it’s cheaper than any other energy source, and most of all it creates a ton of American jobs. We cannot deny this, we should go all in, and America will can be the clean power leader that it should be, our people deserve this. I think we should increase the tax credit from 30% to 40%.”

Steve Bannon got up from his chair on the other end of the table, walked over assertively to the President Trump, and slapped him across the face.

The strike was so loud a Secret Service Agent from outside the Oval Office walked in and asked, what had happened because he heard a loud sound. The President looked over at Bannon, who gave him a firm stare, then turned back to the Secret Service Agent and said that everything is ok.


When the Secret Service Agent asked President Trump, about the large red mark on his face that look like the backs of fingers, the President responded by saying, “My face is always red, none of your business actually, get out or you’re fired.”

The Agent apologized and told the President that he was just trying to do his job.

Once the door closed, Steve Bannon asked the President, to repeat what he said we should go all in on, and The President replied with his head down, “Solar.”

Steve Bannon, asked the President to look at him, then stuck his pointer finger in the President’s face, looked him right in the eye, and in a deep angry voice yelled, “Noooo,” like you would to a child who was just chewing on a pen. Bannon went back to his seat packed up his things and left the room.

Sean Spicer later told Falso Times in an e-mail that Bannon was in a bad mood and that doesn’t happen that much. “It was getting late, people are just crankier,” Spicer wrote.

We also got in touch with Bannon’s assistant on the phone later that evening and asked, if Bannon plans to apologize to President Trump for the incident. The Assistant replied, “Absolutely not, he is not a liberal snowflake. He won’t apologize for shit.”