Donald Trump Damages Clothing at a Nordstroms in Mclean, VA

Donald Trump damaged inventory at a Nordstroms in Mclean, VA.

When Ivanka Trump’s clothing and accessory line was dropped from Nordstrom President Trump released the following tweet:


This is a very tame tweet compared to what the world is use to seeing, maybe he’s calming down because he needs to put all his energy into the Presidency? No, absolutely not. It turns out Donald Trump has been spending a lot of time at Nordstroms destroying their stores.

The President made a trip to the Nordstrom at Tysons Corner Mall in Virginia, and while he was there he asked to try on several suits. According to Bernard Frazier a Tailored Menswear Specialist The President asked to try on over 20 suits.

The President said he liked all the suits but he wanted to see how the pants felt. So Bernard escorted the President to the dressing room. Once the President closed the door to the dressing room he took all of the pants off the hangers and bunched them up to create a huge pile.

He then stuck his fingers in his mouth to gag himself and threw up on all the pants, with his bare hands he tossed the pants to make sure the vomit got on every single pant.

When the President walked out with vomit on his hands and around his mouth, Bernard asked him if he was ok, the President told him fuck you, grabbed a Zegna blazer off the rack to clean his hands and mouth, and then threw the blazer on the floor. The President along with Secret Service walked out of the store.

The President told him fuck you, grabbed a Zegna Blazer off the rack to clean his hands and mouth

Bernard who thought he was going to get a big commission, didn’t know about the news that Nordstrom dropped Ivanka Trump’s brand. Bernard had to pick up all the pants covered in vomit and drop them in the damage bin in the back room.

We encourage all of Nordstrom in the D.C. to be on a lookout for the President. Since this incident the President made a trip to the Nordstroms in Chevy Chase, MD. and smeared feces on all of the faces of the mannequins with his bare hands.