The Story Behind President Trumps Awkward Handshake

President Trump has a very awkward handshake, as was most recently displayed with the Prime Minister of Japan. If you have seen videos of him shaking hands, you see that the President prolongs the gesture, and after a few shakes he pulls the hand of the other person.

The reason why he shakes hands this way is because of Arsenio Hall.

At the Celebrity Apprentice season 5 wrap party, Trump was making his rounds greeting everyone in attendance. Arsenio Hall, Adam Corolla, and Lou Ferrigno were chatting with each other in a circle. As Trump was approaching them, Arsenio started talking about Trump’s handshake.

Hall said to the guys that he thought Trump had one of the weakest handshakes he has every felt.”It feel like I am shaking hands with a women’s scarf. I feel like I need to grip harder and pull him in, but I don’t want to piss him off. Can you imagine if he was the President. The world would think we are the weakest country.”

Corolla and Ferrigno concurred with Hall.

The guys didn’t notice  Trump was only a few feet away from them and that he heard every single word.

After Hall’s remarks, Trump turned around and left the room for the closest stairwell, and sat there crying for several minutes. After 10 minutes, Melania Trump found Trump in the stairwell, and asked him what had happened.

Trump told Melania with tears running down his face, “the guys were making fun of me for my handshake. They said I have a weak handshake and if I was The President I would ruin the reputation of America.”

Melania sat there with her husband to make him feel better, and she told him not to worry, and that a handshake is something that can be improved.

Trump feeling encouraged said, “You know what Melania you are right, I will work on my handshake, my handshake will be the strongest in the world….and I tell you another thing, I’m going to run for President, and I will become the President of the United States and show the world how strong my handshake is.”

We can all thank Arsenio Hall for Trump’s overcompensating handshake, and for inspiring him to become President.