President Trump Upset That His Family Thinks Justin Trudeau Is Cool AF

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau takes part in a business roundtable discussion at the White House in Washington, D.C. on Monday, Feb. 13, 2017. (Sean Kilpatrick/CP)

President Donald Trump got very upset with his family for how much they loved Justin Trudeau.

Justin Trudeau visited the White House this week to meet with the President. During the visit Justin Trudeau got to interact with several members of the Trump family.

During the initial greet in the Oval Office, The President got a FaceTime phone call from his son Barron Trump who was calling from his school New York City. Barron Trump told the President that one of his classmates is threatening to beat him up and he doesn’t know what to do.

The President told him to have Secret Service take care of it. Justin Trudeau interrupted and told Barron that he can handle it himself. Through FaceTime Justin Trudeau showed Barron Trump how to throw a proper 3 hit punch combo. Barron took it all in and went to confront the bully.

20 minutes later, Barron Trump FaceTimed with the President again, and flipped the camera to show that he knocked out the bully and that all his classmates were chanting “Barron!” Barron put the camera back to selfie mode and said,

Thanks Prime Minister. I wish you were my dad. – Barron Trump

After Barron Trumps call, The President and Prime Minister had a meeting in the White House Conference Room for the business roundtable discussion. When the President and Prime Minister entered the room, Ivanka Trump with her head down looking at papers walked right into Trudeau.

Trudeau caught Ivanka Trump and the two share a “meet cute” moment. Trudeau with Ivanka Trump in his arms said, “Hi I’m Justin.” Ivanka Trump responded in a soft low voice, “Hi Justin.” Trudeau helped her back onto her feet.

When the President said let’s all sit down, Ivanka Trump insisted Trudeau sits next to her. President Trump told Ivanka to let our guests sit first then she can have whatever chair is left. Ivanka yelled, “shut up dad! I hate you, he is sitting next to me.” Ivanka and the Prime Minister sat next to each other during the meeting.

After the meeting Ivanka asked the Prime Minister if she could have a photo taken with her, and Trudeau said, “yes of course.” She said, “great let’s take the photo in the Oval Office.

The two sneaked away to the Oval Office. When President Trump found out that the two ran off by themselves to The Oval Office, the President sprinted to the Oval Office and walked in on Ivanka and the Prime Minister about to take a selfie together.

Ivanka stopped the selfie and said, “Dad what are you doing here?” President Trump catching his breath responded, “What am I doing here? This is my office, what the fuck is going on here?”

Trudeau told the President that they were just taking a photo. President Trump said, “Great idea let’s take a photo by the desk. Trump called in a Secret Service Agent outside the office to come in to take a photo of the of them. Ivanka Trump posted this photo on instagram:


After the photo it was time for the Prime Minister and the President had to go to a press conference. Ivanka gave the Prime Minister her personal number and said, “contact me anytime to discuss any ideas about women entrepreneurship, or if you just want to……chat.”

The President and Trudeau had to go to do a press conference so the President walked Trudeau out of the oval office.

Ivanka closed the door, puts her back on the closed door, biting her lip she slowly slid down the door.

On the way to the press conference the President and the Prime Minister ran into First Lady Melania Trump. Melania is fluent in french and the Prime Minister knows this, so he greeted her with, “Bonjour, enchanté mademoiselle.”

The first lady orgasmed so hard she couldn’t respond or move. Secret Service had to come by with a wheelchair to help the First Lady to the Presidential bedroom.

The President told Trudeau that he will meet up with him at the press conference, so Trudeau headed to the press room by himself.

An enraged President Trump, went into the closest room which was a mechanical room, shut the door, and screamed . In the mechanical room he fought with a broom.