Trump Throws Tantrum For Not Getting Model Airplane from Boeing

President Trump was very upset on friday when he was told Boeing didn’t have an F-18 model airplane for him.

After Trump gave a speech at Boeing’s manufacturing facility in South Carolina. He asked Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg for an F-18 model airplane for the Oval Office. Muilenburg told the President that they currently don’t have any.

The President responded, “are you fucking kidding me? I just gave a speech to a bunch of low life asshole employees of yours, and you don’t have a model airplane for me.” Jared Kushner who accompanied Trump on the trip asked the President to calm down.

“No I won’t fucking calm down! The main reason I came to this shitty state was to get a model airplane.”

Trump moved within a foot of Muilenburg’s face and said,”If I don’t get a model airplane to bring back to the White House all of our orders are going to Lockheed Martin,”

Muilenburg reiterated to the President trying to control his tone, that there are no F-18 model airplanes in the facility to give out. Trump replied, “I am not leaving until I get my model airplane. You have a bunch of workers here, I am sure you can have 2-3 of them make me one real quick.”

Kushner told the President that they have a really busy schedule and they need to get going. Trump replied, “Jared I don’t give a fuck! I am not leaving here without a God damn model airplane.”

Muilenburg pulled out his cellphone and called  manufacturing Manager John Frankson to see if a couple of his workers could put together a quick F-18 model airplane for the President. John Frankson asked Muilenburg if he was serious, and he replied yes. Frankson said, “ok, give us 1 hour and we will have it ready.”

Trump and Kushner waited in Muilenburg’s office with Muilenburg until the model airplane was ready. The wait in the office was extremely awkward according to Muilenburg’s Assistant. Trump had his arms crossed, looking down, and was pacing wall to wall in the office.

While waiting Muilenburg asked Trump if he would like some coffee, Trump stopped pacing, lifted up his head, and replied, “no, if I wanted coffee….I would have gone to fucking Starbucks…..not Boeing,” Kushner sitting in a chair looked away and shook his head.

After an hour Frankson walked in with a model airplane of the F-18 Hornet which Trump said he is considering ordering for the US Military. Trump grabbed the model airplane, examined it, and threw it to the ground as hard as could obliterating the model airplane. Trump yelled “I meant Dreamliner, I wanted a fucking model Dreamliner plane you fucking assholes. You guys should have realized that’s what I wanted. I fly in normal planes not fighter jets you dip shits.”

Muilenburg walked over to his closet and grabbed a boxed Dreamliner from it. “Here you go Donald. One Model Boeing Dreamliner Plane” Trump appreciated the gift, shook Muilenburg’s hand, and said that he will let Muilenburg know soon about the Military contract.

Muilenburg told the President to let him know if there is anything he can do to help make the decision easier. Trump responded with, ” If you give me an extra Dreamliner model airplane consider the contract yours.”

Muilenburg went to his closet and gave Trump all the model airplanes in there. Trump ecstatic with a big smile on his face said, “Thanks Dennis!” Trump and his team exited with the boxes of model airplanes.

Muilenburg extremely happy called his VP of sales to tell him the great news.

On Air Force One flying back to D.C. Trump put together one of the model airplanes. Once put together, Trump walked through the cabin with the model airplane in his hand to imitate the model plane flying. He made airplane sounds with his mouth.