Trump Was Fed False Information About Sweden By Air Force One Flight Attendant

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during his "Make America Great Again" rally at Orlando Melbourne International Airport in Melbourne, Florida, U.S. February 18, 2017. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Raquel Matthews a flight attendant on Air Force One fed Trump false information on a terrorist attack that never happened in Sweden.

When the President was getting off Air Force One at Orlando’s Melbourne Airport, Matthews suggested to the President that he wears a tie. The President sarcastically  responded, “Thanks mom” and laughed in her face.

The President told her, “I’m in Florida Miss flight attendant I’m not wearing a tie, you got any other suggestions.”

Matthews who was containing her rage told the President, “Yes, you should definitely mention the terrorist attack that happened by refugees in Sweden last night, and how we cannot let that happen here.” The President responded, “Yeaaah… the Sweden attack… last night…. That’s already in my speech. Don’t quit your day job.” The President who was the last person on board exited the plane.

Later at the rally the President said the following:

Sarah Huckabee Sanders a White House spokeswoman called Trump as soon as he got off the stage. Sanders asked the President what he was referring to when he said “last night in Sweden?” Trump responded, “the terrorist attack by refugees, duh.” Sanders told the President that there was no terrorist attack in Sweden last night.

Trump frustrated told Sanders, “Stop messing around Sarah. Everyone knows about the attack that happened in Sweden last night including one of our flight attendants.” Sanders responded, “A flight attendant? Be honest with me, is the flight attendant your source for that information?” Trump paused then yelled, “FUCK!”

Sanders told the President, to stay calm and not to worry. Sanders said she will handle the situation, and told the President to tweet that he heard it from Fox News. The President told her “good idea” and hung up the phone.

The President’s assistant came up to him and said that the Swedish Embassy was on the line. Trump asked his assistant for a piece of paper and took the phone call. He crumbled the paper by the speaker of the phone and said, “Sorry I can’t hear you really well, we got a bad connection call Sarah Sanders at the White House, ahahhh I’m being attacked by a dog…..ruffffffff rufffffff.” He hung up the phone and told his assistant no more calls.

When Trump got back on Air Force One in front of everyone on board he confronted Matthews. He said, “You bitch, you tricked me. Why would you do that?”

Matthews told the President “because you dismissed my suggestion to wear a tie and you called me flight attendant, my name is Raquel.” Trump responded, “FUCK! You want me to wear a tie, fine, I’ll wear a goddamn tie.” Trump grabbed a tie from the closet and ungracefully tied it on.

“You happy now….RAQUEL? Please don’t fuck with me with shit that’s not true, I got too much on my plate. I would fire you but I don’t want to deal with anymore changes, I need some goddamn consistency in my life.”

Trump yelled to the staff on flight, “That’s right, too many fucking changes are happening too quick. I already have to replace Michael (Flynn), and I can’t deal with replacing a flight attendant. Get it together people and make sure absolutely no more changes happen in the world.”