President Trump Celebrates Oscars Best Picture Mistake



President Trump celebrated the best picture mistake at the Oscars with his staff at the Governors Ball.

Although President Trump doesn’t like Hollywood he always finds himself getting sucked into watching the Oscars, however this year he really didn’t want to watch it since so many elites in Hollywood voted and spoke out against him. He even planned to have his Governors Ball during the Oscars so he wouldn’t be tempted to watch it.

Since he wasn’t going to tune into the Oscars this year, the President was praying for something horrible to happen at the Oscars. During the Governors Ball/Oscars several tweets came his way from people around the world, telling him how good the Oscars are and how they are making fun of him at the Oscars.

Jimmy Kimmel the host of the Oscars tweeted the following to President Trump-


Trump expected to be trolled during the Oscars, however these tweets still made him very angry. Melania asked Trump to ignore the tweets for just one night and to enjoy the evening. Trump promised Melania that he would do what she asked.

Trump was also getting angry that a lot of Governors were congratulating Gov. Jerry Brown of California for have a great economy and for the Oscars being hosted in his state. Trump especially didn’t like that because Jerry Brown has spoken out against Trump for his immigration policies and his refusal to comply with it.

Trump told his staff not to let anyone leave until the Oscars were over because he didn’t want any of the Governors to go back to their hotels and watch the Oscars. Trump had several meetings the following day with the Governors and he didn’t want any of them bringing up the Oscars. Several Governors were upset by this move however they obeyed the President’s wishes.

Around Midnight, one of Trump’s assistants approached him and told him that the people really want to leave because they are tired. Trump told his assistant to get them coffee and to tell them to stop being old.

He then ask his assistant what category the Oscars are on? The assistant told him they are about to name best picture. Trump said, “good we’ll let them out in a few minutes.”

Trump told himself, “fuck it,” and decided to watch the award for best picture on his iphone. Trump tuned in just in time to watch the mix up that happened when Warren Beatty named LA LA Land as the winner when Moonlight was the actual winner. He couldn’t believe what he saw and laughed at the misake. Trump was extremely happy by this mistake because it made Hollywood look incompetent.

He decided to announce what happened at the Oscars to his guests. Here is what he said –

Good Evening Governors,

Sorry to keep you so late, we will be leaving shortly. I just wanted to inform everyone on the disaster that happened at the Oscars tonight (whole crowd gasps). Not that kind of disaster but a huge mess there. Warren Beatty one of the most absolute shittiest actors in Hollywood presented the wrong film as best picture. He said LA LA Land was the winner when it was actually Moonlight. This is pathetic! People in Hollywood are some of the dumbest idiots in the whole world.

Governor Jerry Brown, you have got to get that city cleaned up. It makes us look incredibly incompetent as a country to the whole world who was watching. The whole world was watching and we failed to look like we have an above 1st grade reading level. This is very very very sad.

Governor Jerry Brown this is a symbol of how much of a mess your state is. I mean can you believe it people, announcing the wrong winner? I have never seen a bigger fuck up in my life. I  think it would be very wise of you Governor Brown to work with my administration with repairing your stupid stupid state, especially Hollywood.

Thank you all for coming, make sure you watch the clip of the disaster  when you get back to your hotels and talk about it as much as you want tomorrow during our meeting. But make sure if you are going to talk about it tomorrow to mention how stupid California and Californians are.

Now let’s all take a good moment to point and laugh at Governor Brown for being the Governor of California. (Trump pointed and laughed at Gov. Brown for 4 minutes and no one joined him).

Good night everyone.

After the announcement, Trump asked the rest of his staff to stick around as the Governors were leaving. Trump and his staff had a quick celebration to celebrate the best picture mix up at the Oscars.

Trump got on a chair and announced, “What an incredible evening people. Hollywood messed up hugely and Meryl Streep didn’t win an Oscar tonight. FUCK Hollywood and FUCK Meryl Streep!”

His staff cheered as the emptied $600,000 worth (6 bottles) of Trump branded champagne and ate $ 1 Million worth (One 12 inch cake) of Trump branded chocolate cake.