Trump furious that photos were taken of him in front of Hilary Clinton Painting

On Tuesday morning President Trump dropped in on a White House tour because he didn’t like that tourist were admiring the painting of Hilary Clinton which he has been requesting to have taken down.

When Trump’s Assistant Gary Berger told him that for his next meeting they would have to pass by the White House tour, Trump told his Assistant to let the area clear out first before they cross the space. Trump’s Assistant told him, “it maybe a while because they really like the Hilary Clinton painting.”

Trump yelled, “fuck that painting, they shouldn’t like that painting, they should like me.” Trump got up from his seat and told his Assistant that he’s going out there.

Before he went out to the crowd, Trump gave Berger his iPhone and told him to instagram him greeting everyone from behind and to “make sure you don’t get the painting of that bitch Hilary in the video.”

Little did Trump know the crowd was expecting him as well as the press, and all of them had their cameras ready. (See Video)

After his appearance Trump had a couple of thoughts –

  1. There were only white people in the crowd….Fuck that’s gonna look bad!
  2. His photo was taken in front of the Hilary Clinton painting by everyone.

Trump immediately tells Berger that no one can leave the White House with photos of him in front of the Hilary Clinton painting. Trump’s Assistant informed him that it’s probably too late and photos of him in front of the painting have most likely gone viral at that point.

Trump picks up a the nearest chair and throws it. “Fuck! It was suppose to be a surprise me greeting the crowd, and I thought no pictures were allowed during the tour. And what the fuck was the press doing there too?”

Berger informed Trump that it was expected at some point during the day he was going to make an appearance at a White House tour, being that it was the 1st day of tours during his Presidency, which was why the press was in attendance.

Trump then told his staff around him that no one can leave until they delete all of their photos of him in front of the painting.

His staff informed him that they are not allowed to hold people hostage because it is illegal, and the work involved to perform the task would take a lot of time.

Trump told his staff, “I don’t give a shit! You think I wanted to be President to have my photo taken in front of a painting of that bitch? I called her a nasty women, why the fuck would I want my photo taken in front of a painting of a person I think is nasty? Can anyone tell me that? I am President Donald J. Trump, there are photos taken of me in front of the most magnificent art in the world, and I want to keep it that way. So why don’t you all shut your mouths and lets shut down the internet and delete all of those photos.”

His staff again denied his request and told him that they are not allowed to do that. Trump yelled at them and told them that they are all worthless. He picked up his phone and called Bill Gates.

Gates picked up, and Trump asked him if he could help him with his request. Gates told Trump on the call that he can’t go on the internet and delete photos from other sites, and even if he could he wouldn’t take time out of his day to do such a petty thing.

Trump told Gates, “Bill you are one lazy nerd. Fuck you!” Gates hung up on Trump immediately after he said that.

Trump told his staff that he is too mad to do any more work the rest of the day. 

When he was told he can’t not do any work the rest of the day, Trump tried to suffocate himself by covering his mouth with his hands. He was unsuccessful.