Betsy DeVos touched black girl’s hair at recent school visit

At a recent visit to Saint Andrews Catholic School in Orlando Florida, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos touched a young black girls hair.

Trump organized a trip to Saint Andrews Catholic School, a private school where several underprivileged African American students attend thanks to tuition assistance from Florida’s tax credit scholarship program.

A big reason why Trump organized this is because he wanted to help boost DeVos’ reputation who was not an ideal choice for many Americans for  her position. Trump thought a great way to help her reputation was to show how good she is with African American youth.

DeVos was very nervous, she really wanted to show congress her value as Secretary of Education and she really wanted the children in the class to like her.

Before going in a classroom, Trump told DeVos, “Betsy don’t be nervous, you’ll be fine. Just be the likable person I know you are. Treat the kids like you would treat anyone else.”

Along with Trump and DeVos was Ivanka Trump, her daughter Arabella, Jared Kushner, Marco Rubio, and Florida Governor Rick Scott. Each of them went into classrooms walked around and chatted with students.

Things were going very well. DeVos chatted with students and asked them what projects they were working on. One student, 3rd grader Latricia Jackson told DeVos that she was working on her multiplication table. DeVos sat next to her and helped her complete the math problems. Trump gave DeVos a thumbs up from across the room.

DeVos stopped feeling nervous and went up to President Trump and told him, “Donald they love me! Thank you so much for organizing this, I feel so good.” Trump responded, “absolutely you are doing great!.” Ivanka Trump even patted DeVos on the back and told her how great she was doing.

As the group was exiting the 3rd grade classroom, DeVos saw Mercedes Anderson who had a Jackson 5 style afro, and told her that she likes her hair. DeVos went up to Mercedes, and with both of her hands lightly pressed on her afro for approximately 5 seconds. While she was pressing her hair DeVos went, “whoooa whoooa!” She told Mercedes, “It feels so good, I want your hair as my pillow.”

The whole room silenced. Arabella Kushner said, “ohh fuck.” Trump grabbed DeVos and told her, “let’s go now!”

When they got out of the classroom, Trump told Devos, “what the fuck was that? You never never never touch a black girl’s hair. Jesus Christ.”

Devos didn’t understand as the others gathered around. Ivanka informed DeVos that it is worldwide known that you don’t do what she just did.

Rubio said, “we are so fucked! As soon as the girl goes back home she is going to tell her mom what happened, and she is going to throw a fit, there is going to be news reporters and shit, and no republican will ever get elected again in America. What the hell is wrong with you Betsy.”

DeVos replied, “I thought I was giving her a compliment. She seemed to like it.”

Arabella said, “She definitely didn’t like that. I wouldn’t like it if some strange lady touched my hair.”

Trump told Jared Kushner and Ivanka to go back into the class and tell them that DeVos didn’t mean any harm by what she did. DeVos said, “you want me to join them.” Trump told her, “Fuck no! I don’t want you to go back in there and tell them that they’re musical people. Stay out here with me.”

When Kushner and Ivanka came back out they told the group that everything should be fine. Trump told DeVos, “I need to give you some homework. When you go home watch the movies ‘Do the right thing’, ‘The color purple’, ‘Juice’, ‘Boyz N the Hood’, and ‘Poetic Justice.’ Hopefully this will educate you on black culture.”

DeVos said, “maybe one of the students in the class has a copy of these movies. I think they will like it if I go in there and ask them if I could borrow it.”

Everyone yelled simultaneously, “NO!”