The White House Women’s Day luncheon disaster

Last week on International Women’s Day, Melania Trump hosted a luncheon at the White House which ended up being a total disaster.

To start Melania Trump showed up an hour late. A big reason why is because she got lost in the White House and ended up stuck in a White House tour and not realizing it. Her unfamiliarity with the White House is no surprise as she doesn’t currently live there full time.

Melania Trump finally got to the luncheon and to the podium in State Dining Room where the luncheon was being hosted. While she was giving her welcoming speech the audio system became glitchy making the speaker system pick up interference from nearby mobile phone conversations.

When Melania Trump was talking about equal rights for women during her speech, the speaker system was interrupted by a phone call President Trump was on.

Trump was caught saying the following:

“I don’t get why women get a whole day I really don’t. They can get 3/4 of a day (burst out laughing). You get it? Like their pay compared to men.” 

All the women in the room eyes widened.

Melania, doing her best to hold her composure, continued with her speech. She continued talking about other women’s issues such as sexual abuse and women not having a stronger voice in a male dominated world. Halfway into this topic, the speaker system caught  interference from a phone call Vice President Pence was on:

Pence said the following:

“Michael (Pence’s son), if you want your women to shut the hell up just give her the D and give it to her good. You see son, all women want in life…….is to get fucked.”

All the women in attendance gasped. Melania Trump turned off the audio system from the podium, and spoke to the crowd directly with just her voice. She quickly finished up her speech and told everyone to enjoy the food.

As the food was being served, Rachael Clark (24) a waitresses decided to engage in a conversation with Ivanka Trump. Clark told Ivanka that she’s an inspiration for her and tells Ivanka that she is beautiful. As Clark was finishing her sentence, 4 male Secret Service Agents grabbed Clark and slammed her to the ground.

The whole room got up in shock and watched what was going on.

The Agents were extremely aggressive with her. Clark was screaming and kicking because of the amount of force the Secret Service Agents were using. As he was trying to hold Clark’s legs down, Chet Miller a Secret Service Agent got hit by her left foot in his right eye.

Agent Miller holding his right eye yelled, “YOU FUCKING WORTHLESS BITCH!!!!!!” He told the other agents, “grab this CUNT and lets get her the fuck out of here.” As she was being carried out of the dining room by her arms and legs, Clark was screaming and crying from the pain she had to endure. Agent Miller grabbed a napkin from one of the tables and stuffed it into her mouth to quiet her.

Within a minute after Agents exited with Clark, President Trump and VP Pence walked into the room.

President Trump saw an unpleasant look on all the women’s faces. Trump got to the podium and jokingly said to the room, “What’s the matter? Did instagram go down and you ladies can’t take a duck face selfie?”

Besides Pence no one was amused.