Trump tells Saudi Prince that Saudis are the “good ones”

Yesterday in a meeting  with Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman and his advisors, Trump told the Saudis that they are the “good ones,” referring to muslims.

When Trump said this, everyone including the Saudis glanced over at each other.

Trump expanded on his statement and said, “What I like about you people is you all are honest. Unlike other countries in your region the Kingdom is fair with everyone, respectful to all people, and not breeding terrorists. It’s basically the America of the middle east. I have great respect for the type of Islam you people follow and I look forward to doing business, I mean working together to making the region safer and helping each other’s economy.” Trump winked at the Prince ask they both shared a grin.


The Saudi Prince replied, “Yes President Trump we are in complete agreement with that. I know we were not big supporters of your campaign initially, but when you won we knew you were the correct person to lead. I regret that the Kingdom funded 20 percent of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. She is a loser. A bitch.”

Trump told the Prince that he couldn’t agree more.

Trump then asked if he could try on the Prince’s keffiyeh. The Prince said, “sure why not,” took it off, and put it on Trump’s head.

Trump then asked the Prince to teach him some words in Arabic. He asked, “how do you say,  I like sex?” The Prince told him, “ana uhibb aljins.” Trump said it repeatedly 4 times with each time getting louder. Everyone laughed and cheered.

He kept the headdress on for approximately 10 minutes before he gave it back to the Prince. He told the room that he could get use to wearing a keffiyeh. The Prince told him when he comes to Saudi Arabia they will have a special one waiting for him. Trump gave the Prince a hug and told him he is looking forward to getting it.

For the next few minutes Trump and the Prince tried to figure out if they’re eskimo brothers. It turns out they are multiple times, from women Vladimir Putin hooked them up with in Russia. Once they had that figured out they went off to lunch.

The whole meeting before lunch lasted approximately 14 minutes.

Trump connected with the Saudi Prince in a way no other leader has and the Prince really appreciated it. He told Journalist nothing but great things about the American President saying that he “is a true friend to Islam,” and that it is a genius idea to have a muslim ban for the countries on the list, and a wall built on the border of Mexico.

Anything Trump has said or done I support. The wall and Muslim ban are genius ideas. He is the mightiest President in the history of United States. Hillary Clinton is a joke and I don’t like her. I like Trump and he likes me .  – Prince Mohammed Bin Salman