Ivanka Trump dumbfounded when revealed latina entrepreneurs started businesses without their father’s money

Last week at a roundtable with Latina American business owners, Ivanka Trump was dumbfounded that the women didn’t get millions of dollars from their fathers to start their business.

The roundtable meeting was held in Washington D.C. at the Mayflower Hotel, with a dozen Latina business owners in attendance. Ivanka Trump opened up the meeting by having everyone introduce themselves.

Dyan Gibbens Founder and CEO of Trumball Unmanned started off by introducing herself and her Drone intelligence company. Ivanka was amazed what her company does and asked Gibbens how much did her father have to give to her to start the business? Gibbens told Ivanka that her father didn’t give her any money to start the business it was something she built on her own.

Ivanka Trump was amazed that Gibben’s was able start her business without her father’s money and had everyone stand up and clap for her. The table although confused got up and clapped for Gibben’s.

Next up was Liliana Gil Valletta, Co-Founder and CEO of CIEN, a marketing and strategy Agency with 4 offices in the U.S., introduced herself and her company. Ivanka Trump replied, “very impressive! I should use your agency for my brand. You dad must be very happy to know that his investment is doing well.”

Valletta replied, “Investment? My dad didn’t give me any investment to start my company. It took over 12 years of hard 9 to 5 jobs before I started my company.”

Ivanka, stunned, replied, “wow that’s two in a row that started their businesses without their father’s money ladies! Let’s clap for Liliana as well.”

Before anyone got up, Valletta told Ivanka that no one in this room started their business with money from their fathers.

Ivanka laughed and said, “that’s impossible. There is no way in hell you expect me to believe that. Maybe a couple of you have started a business without your dad’s money but the whole room? Really?”

Everyone in the room, told Ivanka that their fathers didn’t have any money to spare for them to start their businesses and they did it with a lot of hard work and determination.

Ivanka told everyone while laughing to stop “fucking” with her. When Ivanka finally calmed down she realized that the women in attendance were not joking when they said that their fathers didn’t help them financially to start their businesses.

Ivanka couldn’t believe it. She immediately called up the closest Tarot card reader/Psychic to the meeting to examine if the latina women were in fact demons.

The psychic who charged Ivanka $15,000, told Ivanka within 30 seconds of entering the room that the Latinas were not demons and then left. The women in the room giggled.

Ivanka told the whole room, “It’s not funny! I don’t understand how it is possible that you brown women were able to start businesses on your own. I know I couldn’t start my business without my father’s money and connections and I’m white. You women are amazing…”

The women told Ivanka to not put herself down, they told her that she is smart enough to start a business without her father’s money. Ivanka started to tear up and got a group hug from the latina entrepreneurs.

She told them she admires them and that she will pay for her housekeeper’s and gardener’s daughter’s education. They all told her that it would be a nice gesture.

Ivanka went on and told the ladies that she likes Chipotle. They rolled their eyes.