Steve Bannon Brutally Beats Up Jared Kushner

On thursday evening Steve Bannon attacked and beat up Jared Kushner.

Things have been heating up between Trump’s top aides Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner for weeks. The two have clashed on policies regarding trade, health care, immigration, taxes, and terrorism.

Bannon has expressed to several White House Officials that he thinks Kushner is a, “bitch ass liberal.” He picks on Kushner any chance he gets. Last week at a meeting in a White House conference room, Bannon pulled Kushner’s chair from underneath him as he was about to sit down, resulting in Kushner falling on the floor.

On thursday morning, when the two passed each other in the hallway, Bannon plowed his shoulder into Kushner’s shoulders nearly dislocating it.

Later in the evening, a frustrated Kushner decided to confront Bannon through text about the incident. Here is how it went:


After 5 minutes with no reply, Kushner became very scared for his life and decided to contact his father-in-law President Trump.

Here is how that text went:


Kushner not getting the response he wanted from Trump, decided to pack his things and get out of the White House fast. As he opened up the door to exit his office, Bannon was in the doorway.

With brass knuckles, Bannon jabbed Kushner in the face 7 times before knocking him down to the floor.

With Bannon on top of him throwing punches, Kushner screamed, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it!” Bannon wasn’t listening.

After several rounds of punches, Bannon wrapped his hands around Kushner’s throat and started strangling him. Kushner’s eyes were at the back of his head and he was passing out when Bannon decided to let go of him.

Bannon got up and kicked Kushner 5 times in the stomach and stomped on his head once, then left the office.

White House Security who heard the screaming, was in the doorway when as Bannon was leaving. They asked what happened, Bannon replied, “he fell,” and then proceeded to leave the office.

The White House Security had an ambulance take Kushner to the Emergency Room, where he had plastic surgery to repair his face.

Dr. Jarrell Jackson, who’s been a Surgeon for 22 years, said it was the most reconstructive surgery he’d ever performed, however Kushner should be as good as new by monday.

Bannon has been said to be, “crazy as fuck” and a “sick mofo” by several people who know him best.

With this happening to Kushner, those statements are confirmed.