Trump Purposely Trips Kid at White House Easter Event

At this past Sunday’s White House Easter Event, President Trump purposely tripped 7 year old Joshua Davidson.

This all started when Davidson won 1st place in the Easter egg roll. Trump didn’t like that Davidson beat all of his grandchildren and accused Davidson of cheating.

Davidson, known as being a witty child replied back to Trump, “You mean like you did this past election?” People around laughed.

Trump was extremely pissed at this comment, and he knew that he had to get him back.

Later at the arts and crafts table, Trump sat down next to the children and made an Easter Bunny out of construction paper. Davidson, also made an Easter Bunny out of construction paper that the other children liked the better.

Trump argued with the children at the table saying that he had more detail and better colors on his Easter Bunny, but the other children disagreed with him and gave more praise to Davidson’s Easter Bunny. Davidson told Trump, “Sorry Mr. President the people have spoken.” An embarrassed Trump clenched his jaw and left the table.

Joshua Davidson is a student at Georgetown Day School in Washington D.C.

Davidson, along with most of the children at the event gathered on the lawn to listen to Melania read Party Animals. Halfway through, Davidson got up and left the area. Trump approached him and asked Davidson why he got up. Davidson replied, “are you kidding me? She can barely read. My sister is 5 and she can read better than your wife. I feel like if I listen any longer I’m going to get brain damage.”

Trump angrily told Davidson, “She is from another country dammit, she just has an accent!” Davidson replied, “Where is the accent from? Idiotville.” Davidson laughed, and started walking back to his parents.

After Davidson took a couple of steps, Trump stuck out his left leg and tripped Davidson causing him to fall on the grass. Davidson began to cry loudly. Trump walked away as if he didn’t do or see anything.

Several children saw Trump trip Davidson. Those children told their parents, and the parents confronted Trump. Trump told them that their kids are “fake news” and had them kicked out of the event. The Davidsons left along with them.

Since The Davidsons left before the Easter egg roll ribbon ceremony, Trump gave the 1st place ribbon to himself.