Trump files lawsuit against FaceApp for creating an unattractive female version of himself

President Trump filed a lawsuit Wednesday against smartphone application FaceApp. The app uses artificial intelligence to transform users faces to an old, young, male, or female face.

Wednesday morning, during the signing of the Antiquities Executive Order, Vice President Pence showed Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke his FaceApp collage consisting of a young, smiling, and female version of himself.

VP Pence FaceApp Collage

Zinke told Pence, “Wow, you are a hot female, I’d hit that.”

Trump got summoned once he heard the sex talk going on, and asked Zinke what he was talking about.  Zinke showed Trump Pence’s FaceApp collage, and asked Trump, “Isn’t Pence a babe as a female?”

The collage was also shown to the other Department of Interior workers who were there during the signing of the Executive Order and they all agreed that FaceApp made an attractive version of Pence.

Trump told everyone, “Female Pence looks ok, but I would be a lot prettier.”

Zinke told Trump to download the app, so he could prove it to everyone. Trump downloaded the app and took a selfie.

The app generated this of President Trump:


Once the photo generated, Trump got upset since he knew he looked worse as a female than Pence. Zinke as well as the others in the room all told Trump that the female version of him looked worse than Pence.

Trump replied, “fine, I agree,” and continued to sign the Executive Order.

An hour later, Trump told his legal team to file a lawsuit against FaceApp for the app not creating an attractive female version of himself.

FaceApp responded to the lawsuit threat by saying that they will have to move the company out of the U.S. if they get sued. Trump didn’t back down from the lawsuit, however he granted FaceApp a tax break to stay in the U.S.