Melania Trump swatted away President Trump’s hand because she was denied communication with her black Muslim boyfriend during international trip

Last Monday, surveillance video footage showed Melania Trump swatting away President Trump’s hand. The reason behind this is because Melania Trump wasn’t allowed to communicate with her black muslim boyfriend Idris Mohammad and she was very upset about it.

Before leaving for the trip the first lady was told that she would be able to communicate with Mohammad. However, when Air Force One landed in Saudi Arabia, she was unable to FaceTime with Mohammad because President Trump had her phones communication signal (including WIFI) removed.

This wasn’t the first time President Trump had this done to her phone. The President has been asking the White House’s communication team to cut the signals from her phone every time she is in Washington since he took office. President Trump doesn’t want Melania’s affair to be public as it would be extremely embarrassing for him.

Accommodating communication with Mohammad has been a constant battle between the married couple for years. Melania loves having erotic conversations with Mohammed over the phone and the President knows this. Because of this, Trump allows Melania to only talk to Mohammad on the phone after the staff has left for the day, and only in the Presidential bedroom on a secured line.

When Trump got elected he met with Melania and Mohammad to make sure they are committed to keeping their relationship a secret. The two lovebirds agreed but under the condition that once a month Melania and Mohammad can have sex in the Presidential Bedroom while the President watches.

Idris Mohammad (41) posing for Men’s Health
President Trump agreed to being a cuckold, and since then like clockwork once a month, The President of the United States has to stand there in his suit, and watch a black muslim man with a large penis and a verse from the Quran tattooed on his back have sex with his wife for 2 hours in his bed.

Since Melania is upset that she was unable to communicate with Mohammad, we’re assuming that the President will have to be a cuckold more than once a month.