Marco Rubio Drunk When Attempted To Hug Ivanka Trump

Senator Marco Rubio was drunk when he attempted to hug Ivanka Trump on Tuesday after a meeting at the Capitol.

Sources reported that the Senator was in fact intoxicated.  A reason for his excessive drinking maybe because the previous night when Senator Rubio was walking into Raskia Restaurant with Mitch McConnell, a patron pulled over his car, rolled down his window, and yelled , “Hey little Marco! You suck, and you will never be white,” and then sped off.

The Senator looked extremely upset from the driver’s comment, which is most likely the reason at dinner Rubio finished 8 glasses of wine, and took 5 shots of patron.

The next morning Rubio was still noticeably drunk. In the lobby before the meeting at the Capitol, Rubio whispered to several Congressmen that he is going to hug Ivanka Trump after the meeting. All of the Congressmen he told recommended not to do that.

During the meeting, Rubio sat across the table from Ivanka, and stared directly at her and periodically nodding his head and raising his eyebrows at her. Ivanka gave a confused look back to Rubio.

As soon as the meeting ended, Rubio got up, zeroed in on Ivanka and starting walking in her direction. While in pursuit of Ivanka, Rubio maneuvered around several people in the meeting who were trying to chat with him or shake his hand.

He caught up to Ivanka outside of the meeting room and asked her for a hug. Ivanka said “no,” but Rubio was persistent and begged for a quick hug. Ivanka finally gave in and said, “fine.” Rubio rubbed his hands together the leaned in for the hug.

Rubio was so drunk he didn’t realize how far Ivanka was from him, which made the attempted hug look and feel awkward. Ivanka asked Rubio if he was drunk. The question caught him off guard and killed his buzz. Rubio feeling completely embarrassed turned away from Ivanka and ran.

At a local eatery where Rubio ran to, the Senator purchased a turkey sandwich and 4 bottles of water that he chugged down in less than 2 minutes.

A woman with a clipboard walked up to Rubio and asked if he could take a quick survey. Rubio asked what the survey was about, and the survey taker responded, “We are doing a survey asking caucasian males in the District, how they prefer to spend their lunch hour.”

Rubio responded, “I’m not caucasian, I’m Cuban.”

“Really? Oh my God I’m so sorry, you look white.” the survey taker responded. She then excused herself and walked away.

Rubio was ecstatic that he was confused for a white person, so much so he treated himself to a glass of wine, while looking at google images of Ivanka Trump.