Treasury Secretary Mnuchin gets punched in the face at his own wedding reception by President Trump

At Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin’s wedding reception, President Trump punched Mnuchin in the face.

Trump thought Mnuchin was Comedian John Oliver, as they both share a very similar look. Oliver is on Trump’s long list of people who he thinks “needs an ass kicking.”


On Oliver’s HBO show Last Week Tonight, President Trump is a weekly target. Oliver cleverly insults the President and his character so well, that the segments go viral on Youtube. When Trump sees Oliver’s videos in his social media feed, Trump angrily squeezes his head as hard as he can.

There is nothing more Trump would like to do to John Oliver than to punch him in the face according to close friends of the President.

The reason why Trump thought Mnuchin was Oliver is because he was loopy from the Viagra he took earlier in the day. In order for Trump to get an erection he needs to take 4 times the amount of Viagra.

Excess Viagra has several side effects including vision changes, hearing loss, memory loss, and diarrhea.

When Trump went to the bathroom for the 5th time at the reception, Mnuchin was in the bathroom. As Trump entered the bathroom he saw Mnuchin washing his hands. Trump immediately became irate and slowly walked up to Mnuchin. In a villainous voice Trump said, “John fucking Oliver, I don’t fucking believe this, I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time. Are you ready to get your ass kicked?”

Mnuchin who was confused for a few seconds realized that Trump really thought he was John Oliver. Mnuchin made several attempts to tell the President that he was not John Oliver but was unable to get through since Trump couldn’t hear him.

When Trump cocked his fist back, Mnuchin pushed him to give himself enough room to run out the bathroom, Trump pursuited.

Mnuchin ran into the middle of the reception on the dance floor and yelled, “help me Donald is trying to…”

Before he finished his sentence, Trump speared Mnuchin to the ground and landed a hard punch on Mnuchin’s cheek.

Secret Service as well as security from the event pulled The President off Mnuchin. One Secret Service agent grabbed Trump around the waist, which caused Trump to release a heavy load of diarrhea which flooded from the bottom of his pants.

A large portion of the dance floor was covered with Trump’s diarrhea and the smell was so strong everyone decided to evacuate.

Trump was put in an Escalade and was taken back to the White House.

Mnuchin as well as his bride Louise Linton slipped in Trump’s diarrhea as they exited the venue.