Christie closed beaches in NJ in order to feel like Trump

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie closed the beaches in New Jersey over the weekend so he could have the beach all to himself in order to feel like President Trump.

Christie idolizes Trump and is obsessed with being like him. He’s been reading book, blogs, and hired a life coach to help him to help him with this.

Christie recently read a article that said, “Live like the person you want to be and you will become that person.”

Christie commented on the article asking for clarification on the article’s content. A reader replied back explaining that he should try to do things that the person who he idolizes can do.

One of the thing that came to mind was that President Trump has a private beach. A year ago, Trump took Christie to an undisclosed private beach of his and told Christie, “I got this whole place to myself and my family, this is how I live…..Christie you’re a fat and you suck at your job.”

Christie was insulted but he was also inspired.

After reading the article a few weeks ago, Christie thought having a beach to himself and his family would be beneficial for his personal development and contribute to helping him achieve his goal of being like Trump.

He thought of a scheme to shut the state government down, so no state employees such as Beach Patrols and Lifeguards would be working at the beach. This would mean the beaches would have to be closed to the public.

Last week, his scheme worked and the beaches would be closed over the weekend.

When the weekend came, Christie took his family and invited friends to the state owned beach house in Island State Beach Park. They had the beach to themselves and had an amazing time.

Christie got a dose of what Trump feels like and he liked it. He is motivated of making his life more like Trump as much as possible.

Christie is now in the process of divorcing his wife, and he hired a dating coach to help him get with a Slovenian model, in order to be just like Trump.