Donald Trump Jr. colluded with Russia to get his dad to love him more than Jared Kushner

Donald Trump Jr. colluded with Russia in order to get his father to love him more than Jared Kushner.

Ever since Jared Kushner entered the Trump family, Donald Trump Sr. loved him more than any of his sons.

Jared Kushner has had prime seating for family dinners, is offered to cut the turkey on Thanksgiving, and has a Senior Advisor position for the Trump administration.

Donald Trump Jr. doesn’t have a seat at the dinner table and has to sit in the living room and eat, has to throw out the trash on Thanksgiving, and was not offered a position on the Trump Administration even though he desperately wanted one.

In 2015, after Trump Sr. announced he would be running for President, Trump Jr. and Kushner were waiting for Trump Sr. in his penthouse to greet him. Kushner received a solid handshake followed by a big hug. Trump Jr. got a handshake, and Trump Sr. asked him, “Hi I am Donald Trump, are you a friend of Jared’s? Cause any friend of his is a friend of mine.”

Trump Jr. ran out the door crying, extremely upset that his dad didn’t know who he was.

After that incident Trump Jr. knew he had to do something big to get his dad to love him more than Jared.

During Trump Sr.’s campaign meetings, he mentioned many times to his team that they needed to get dirt on Hillary Clinton. Trump Jr. had his ear pressed against the door during all of these meetings, and knew if he wanted his dad to love him as much as Kushner, who had a seat at all the campaign meetings, he would have to find dirt on Hillary.

Trump Jr. sent messages to all his contacts asking them to connect them with anyone who has dirty on Hilary. Last June, Trump Jr. received an email from Rob Goldstone who said he has just what he is looking for.

The crown prosecutor of Russia met with his father Aras this morning and in their meeting offered to provide the Trump campaign with some official documents and information that would incriminate Hillary and her dealings with Russia and would be very useful to your father

– Goldstone

Trump Jr. did have reservations about taking information from Russia since he is a Patriot, but then he realized how much he hates Jared Kushner and that if he got this information, his dad would love him more than Kushner.

Trump Jr. ran to his dad’s office to tell him about the lead he has and all the details. Trump Sr., replied, “that is great news, let’s get on it. This is a great find, young man. Jared, go along with……………………. I’m sorry young man what is your name?”

Kushner chimed in, “Don’t worry about his name. I’ll go along with this guy to make sure his lead is legit.”

Kushner and Trump Jr. exited the office. In the hallway Kushner pushed Trump Jr. against the wall and stuck his finger in Trump Jr. face and told him, “This better be good you idiot. If it is maybe your daddy will know your name.” Kushner punched him in the stomach and Trump Jr. fell on the floor as Jared Kushner walked off.

Trump Jr. has been struggling for a long time to get his father to know who he is and to love him. Unfortunately Trump Jr. is only be known by his father as an idiot who he hates.