Trump stiffs 11-year-old $30 for mowing White House lawn

11-year-old Frank Giaccio who was the guest landscaper at the White House friday, was stiffed $30 for his lawn mowing services.

Giaccio was invited to the White House by Trump after writing a letter to the President saying that, “it would be an honor to mow the White House lawn.”

Giaccio arrived at the White House friday morning, got equipment from the White House groundskeeper, and was tasked with mowing the Rose Garden lawn.

Trump had no intention of coming outside to meet the 11-year-old, since he believes it’s easier to stiff someone when you don’t meet them, but Trump saw from the Oval Office that Giaccio missed some spots and decided to come down to the Rose Garden to harass the kid.

He walked up to Giaccio who was working extremely hard pushing the lawn mower through the thick White House grass filled with used condoms, that Trump throws out the White House windows after he has intercourse with Putin supplied Russian prostitutes, and tells Giaccio, “you suck at mowing lawns.”

Giaccio didn’t hear the insult since he had earplugs in, and he really wanted to finish the job so he continued mowing the lawn. Trump felt Giaccio ignored him, and at that moment he knew for sure that he was going to stiff the 11-year-old.

After some quick photos in the Rose Garden and in the Oval Office, Giaccio and his father were asked to leave.

When Giaccio asked the President for the $30 he was promised for his services, Trump refused to pay him. He told Giaccio that if any money is going to be exchanged, it should be Giaccio paying Trump for allowing him to mow the lawn.

Trump also told the 11-year-old, “take this as an early business lesson fucking kid. Some people will not pay for work you perform, and you better get use to it.”

Trump has a track record of stiffing workers. Giaccio is added to the list of contractors, butlers, maids, girls scouts, boys scouts, golf caddies, chefs, catering companies, restaurants, charities, escorts, tailors, back waxing spas, barbers, CPAs, and penis enlarging pill companies, who have all been stiffed by Trump.